the study and the deepening of the central nervous system is fundamental for the Braña Method

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Braña Method: Cromoreflexology of the spine column

Braña glass rods required for Braña programs

What it is and its use

  1. ETYMOLOGY: From the deviser’s second last name. Sergio Lopez Braña
  2. TYPOLOGY : Manual  technique in  constant evolution with the help of special  small coloured glass tubes Braña ( with the priority of  invention patent) and white cotton  gloves “ad personam”. They  are a  guarantee of hygiene that facilitates the muscular massage. It is fundamental the program of “Neuromeres Brana” which send messages to the Central Nervous System to re-establish an articular and muscular balance ,neurovegetative (for the digestive and circulatory system) and psychic patterns through specific  chronological programs (neuromeri Brana).
  3. BENEFITS:  Immediate unloading of all types of tension with a general  psycophisic relaxation and postural improvement.
  4. ACTION:  Every organic dysfunction can depend  on scarce transmission of messages among the several parts of the body towards the Central Nervous System. Through particular rotations of the small glass tubes messages are sent to the C.N.S. but there is no outcome when the operator Brana sends the wrong neuromere. The human body wants  the right password for the connection: Specialized interneurons can  stop the passage  of a wrong signal and the organism gives no answer. Muscular and  articular treatment  is completed by manual massages and by the baricentric Brana Gym to restore the postural rebalancing.
  5. LEGENDA  ( origin and historical compound) 1980: Ever since the 70’s Sergio Lopez Braña had studied some techniques in depth, such as acupressure, acupuncture, massage and physiotherapy but none of them gave answers to his questions. At last he hit the bull’s eye thanks to his great intuition and by studying in depth both the physiology and the anatomy of the human body: to send a message to the .N.C.S. through a link  with the Perifery. To widen his scientific knowledge he attended the Faculty of Biology in Genova for three years. Any organic disorder can be considered as a poor transmission of signals or messages among the several parts of the body with the C.N.S. After many tests he realized that a special glass was the best means for a quick transmission with  no side effects.And skilful  craftmen made them.Dimensions and shapes may differ according to the operative necessities and the colour too has an important role for the transmission of messages: infact most of them are coloured.  The marrow is so easily reachable through the interspaces of the vertebrae and is very sensitive to the stimulus transmitted by the pressure and the rotation of the small glass tubes. This method has no risk provided that the Braña operators follow scruplously the Brana courses: never touch inflamed or aching parts but always perform”above” and “below” the focal point. Sergio Lopez started his teaching with a group of friends coming from the “massage sector”. He explained to them the insertion and the origin of muscles and how to relax them according to  new manual patterns. After that he did some research in order to develop a technique to stimulate the neuromeres, specific parts of the marrow (metameri) and, at the same time, the parts of the body to treat. He understood he had to make a link since the hands couldn’t operate properly and as a consequence he decided to have the small glass tubes being  made. And each of them had one shape and dimension  for particular  purposes. Mr.Lopez understood that the motory part indipendent from the Nervous System couldn’t  give any result, so he studied in depth the Indipendent Nervous System and the Central Nervous System. Still now he keeps himself up to date about the new discoveries of the scientific sphere (biology , physiology and farmacology in order to have  this Method  always in the forefront and face needs and problems of a modern society.
  6. EFFECTS AND BENEFITS: Postural rebalancing, a peaceful sleep, a better mental concentration and a better functionality of the digestive system. It is  advisable for expecting mothers  and to  everybody. No limit of age.The treatment will be more efficacious if supported  by our natural products Chemeia which help maintain the results. When starting: Ever since the first months of life. Babies are sensitive and a 10 minutes treatment with our small tubes are sufficient . It can be helpful  for an harmonic psychophisic growth. It improves the muscular efficiency  for those who practise sports. It is a support for maintaining elderly people in good health! It is O.K. for those who perform a stressing life, to have a better concentration  when studying and it helps adolescents  get over the tricky moments of their growth.
  7. CYCLES:Each cycle usually consists of 6 (six) sessions that the specialized Brana operator will  take into consideration  on the basis of the results.
  8. FREQUENCE: For the first time: twice a week at least. Then, once a week.After  six months one or two sessions are enough for a proper maintenance  of the psycophisical state if no complications set in. A private encounter with Brana operator will establish a program ad-hoc with personalized Brana neuromeres. The contact  takes place in a studio where the patient is asked to  lie down on a small bed for the treatment.



1-Relaxing phase. After an opening address the operator applies the specific product, then the patient will be relaxed by the rotation of the small glass tubes all over the body. The operator will insist where he perceives tension and muscular contracture.

2-Personalized  plan. The operator accurately marks the vertebrae he has to perform on. Then he performs  the personalized program through Brana neuromeres.

3-Manual phase. This phase is carriedout by the operator with a basic or muscular massage which is performed through a Brana crossed pattern in order to re-establish the postural balance. It is generally followed by an active diephragmatic barycentric Brana gym.

4-Finishing phase. The treatment finishes with a general tonifying manual massage. For a better  outcome it is advisable to have  15 minutes’ rest before starting everyday life.

A BRAÑA OPERATOR is trained exclusively through the courses planned by CHEMEIA c/o West Garda Hotel =Padenghe on the lake of Garda (BS)- Italy held by Dr.Barbara Lopez-Braña, Sergio Lopez Braña's daughter

The courses Braña are:
Annual training courses to be operator. Advanced courses are available by request.

Annual advanced courses for the updating of the method which is always very aware of   the new scientific discoveries.
Courses on subject (2 days). All those who wish to  get in touch with this Method Braña  or learn more about  a particular topic. Each meeting is scheduled as  follows:
Morning: Theory and practical  demonstration.
Afternoon: individual practice that allows the apprentice to learn the manual technique immediately.

How to choose a Braña Operator:
Through years a Braña Operatot is able to get a pseudouniversitary
(a high levelled training preparation) and face with  capability the problems  she/he  can meet  daily as a beautician, physical therapist, nurse, masseur, sports doctor, family doctor, naturopath, osteopath.

Important people who practise or have practised this discipline but Samuele Pelliccioli is a patient  we want to remember since he has been undergoing our method for years: His father Dr. Stefano Pelliccioli  has been following our courses for  years with the intention of helping him.
The courses are with a selective  entry in order to give  each student the possibility to be followed  with   great care.                           

For events and coursed see:

  1. annual advanced course for Braa operators from January to December.
  2. Annual stage and training coursed for Braña Operator at selective entry.
  3. Thematic courses one or thwo days in the space of the year.

Live Social interviews Radio Lombardia

interview with doctor Barbara Lopez Braña at radio lombardia on the chemeia activity: specialization courses for Operators Braña and realization of phytocosmetics and natural remedies